Tonight @ HRW – The Arts & Interior Designers Dining Club Inaugural Dinner

HRW Antiques

Tonight the evening of the 2nd of March, see’s the inaugural dinner of the newly founded Arts & Interior Designers Dining Club. It will be held at HRW Antiques in Fulham and will be hosted by three founding members: Iain Henderson Russell, Alidad & Nina Campbell. The evening will be in aid of two young person’s charitable organisations:

Kids Company , which is aimed at supporting children who have suffered abuse and neglect and Chicken Shed , a young persons theatre company involved in many different areas of education and outreach.

The evening will take the form of drinks followed by a dinner for 80, which will include many of the UK’s top Interior Designers. The Ebury Trading showroom at HRW will be one of the two venues used for tonight’s event and it is being kindly sponsored by House & Garden

Ebury Trading