Friend Of The Month, September – David Arbus

The Great Choir, Looking East, Canterbury Cathedral

This month I would like to introduce you to one of our friends within our ‘link’ section, David Arbus. David has been a personal friend for many years. We met back in 1994 when I used to hang out in a black cassock amongst the gloomy Romanesque arches of Canterbury Cathedral, where David would often be found nestled by the tomb of The Black Prince, tools spread out, quietly sketching. He very quickly became a well known artist in Canterbury and Kent, exhibiting in the main galleries there. He is best known for his technical skills, particularly in his detailed, large scale architectural works. His works are typically on large woven paper, which is essential given the scale of the buildings and perspectives that he attempts to recreate. He is well known for his monochrome pen and ink drawings, but he also uses chalk, and watercolours depending on the subject. He has also lived and exhibited in Bath and in London. More recently, David and his wife Louise moved to America, on an adventure which provided new and exciting material for his works. He quickly made new friends and became noticed. There is an interesting article in the New York Times, which will give you more information about him (and his former career as a rock musician!)

David is well known for his commissioned works, some of which I am very pleased to own. You may wish to immortalise your home or an interior, have a favourite building or place painted or a portrait either for yourself or as a gift?

For more information on David, an example of some of his work and his contact details, please visit his website

Please mention my name if you do get in touch with him.