We understand that all of us, the so called ‘recessionistas’, have to tighten our belts and pull in our horns. However it’s not all doom & gloom! In light of the current financial climate and concerns, we have decided to re-price all of our stock to see where we can cut right back where necessary in order to make things more tempting and value for money and get things moving. This in turn will help us, so that we can keep things in rotation and continue with our passion for buying . . . . so, every one’s happy !

Besides, there is nothing like a bit of retail therapy in gloomy times . . . . . Also, with us you have the guarantee that we will always resell anything you purchase from us and guarantee your money back in FULL ! – safer than the banks!

We have also made sure that all items of stock in the store have visible, clearly marked labels, after a couple of comments.

We look forward very much to welcoming you.