New Improved Website Coming Soon . . . .

I thought it important to mention that my current website, has not been updated for over five weeks. In that time, Ebury Trading has acquired a significant amount of new stock and this has not yet been added to the current site. A new site is being developed keeping the basic appearance of our current site but with many more dynamic and improved features and user friendly pages.

For instance . . . .

*  It will be controlled by me in the shop, so it will therefore be updated in real time, just as new stock arrives and old stock sells

*  Each stock category will show the newest stock first in easier to access pages, without the need to scroll or click

* The home page will contain an rss feed with the latest blog entries easily viewable

*  There will be an opportunity to keep up to date with new arrivals and join our mailing list

*  The quality of the photographs over time will be much improved

So for now, please bare with me and do not hesitate to enquire about any new stock. The new site should be up and running by the second week of March.