My Name Is Pan

My name is Pan and I’m a Parsons Jack Russell. I have a great Best Friend in Mark Punton (Uncle Mark). I love Uncle Mark. He always takes time to say ‘hello’ and scratches me behind my ears and on my back in just the right place. Pure Heaven! We also have a deal going. If I stay off his lovely 50’s chairs (so comfortable and very hip and smart, just like me) he feeds me biscuits. My Owner says it’s pure bribery and that I’m ‘just a little con artist’, but what does she know?
I really enjoyed having my photo taken this week, as Uncle Mark actually allowed me to sit on the cosy sofa shaped like lips (for promotional purposes he said). I’m working on the next stage, which is to be allowed to sleep permanently on any chair of my choice (a lot of chairs flow through here), still get fed biscuits and have continual attention from Uncle Mark every Monday all day when he can be found here in the showroom massaging my back and ears. It’s a Dog’s life!