‘Ida Cubana’ : A Forthcoming Exhibition Of Photographs By Sasha Alexander Starts Tonight!

Sasha Alexander

‘Ida Cubana’ . . . A  forthcoming exhibition of photographs by our very own Sasha Alexander starts on Thursday the 11th of July and runs through till August the 4th at 151 Hackney Rd, London, E2 8JL.

This first solo exhibition by Sasha documents his journey in Cuba. In his own words:

“Journey is a Cuban life, its a daily survival. I have been lucky to experience the existence on this forgotten deserted Caribbean island. This is a  photographic documentary about local people, their day to day survival and normality of existence. The main objective was to understand how people can live on something as little as £20 per month; to see and capture the communist propaganda, and to experience something that is very distant untouchable and unchangeable.

This is my journey, which helped me appreciate the basic luxuries that we take for granted in our lives.”


Please come along and support this talented and thought provoking young artists work.

Sasha Alexander

Sasha Alexander