I Am Buying, So Can You !

It’s always a bit risky talking about the ‘R’ word but I thought it might be helpful and quite healthy to discuss it out in the open. I am determined not to be like those antique dealers who basque in doom and gloom! Having had a busy December and with many enquiries from Interior Decorator’s and private customers, I have learned to adapt to the current climate affecting us all in order to remain appealing. January has traditionally always been a quiet month, as people re-adjust after the Christmas period, return from holiday’s, send children back to school and Uni etc, so I have used this month to look for new stock (a lot of which will arrive next week and will be posted here). The local antiques and decorative fair held in Battersea last week, everyone predicted would be a failure, but not so! – I was there on the first day and it was a busy as it always has been, with many ‘red dots’ scattered around. I myself purchased three items that day. I learned however, after checking out every one’s stands, that in order to survive this recession and keep buying and selling the things that make Ebury Trading so interesting, I have to be very flexible with my prices. For this reason, I encourage you to ask me about my pricing, because I want to continue introducing new pieces to the store and to do this I need to make room! – This week alone I have surprised two new customers with my very reasonable and affordable prices. Those traders who adhere to the types of service offered on this sign below will find this year very difficult, I hope I continue to offer all three: GOOD (Quality Pieces) – CHEAP (Honest Pricing) – FAST (Efficient Service) !