Friend Of The Month, September – Marion Lichtig

It has been a while since I introduced a ‘Friend of the Month’, not for lack of friends but we just seem to be so busy here at Ebury Trading concentrating on other things.

Well this Month I would love to introduce an old friend and dignified contributor to the London Interior Design scene, who, I remember coming into the store I managed fifteen years ago on the Kings Road and still on the world wide top 100 designer list.

Summed up in her companies own words:

I favor a simple relaxed, clean look and am attracted to paired- down symmetry with a juxtaposition of the grand and simple old and new. My style is classical yet understated.

I believe design is about the careful balance of the contemporary and the classic. I like a room to look as though it belongs

in the present while incorporating elements of the past. Antique furniture objects and textiles from near and far help create this

I like to think of these things as indicative of history travel and a sense of cultural exchange, acquiring them and putting them

in place is one of the most enjoyable parts of my job it finishes a room off but is also intrinsic to the whole process that comes  before

it, (and of course visiting Marks shop, for me is like a child going to a sweet shop!!!!!)