Friend Of The Month, September – Agios Ioannis Olive Oil



This month, I would like to introduce Andrew and Susie Carmichael. They own property and olive groves in a remote village in the mountainous easterly part of Crete called Agios Ioannis.

The village is quite special, as it is remote and unspoilt, enjoys many months of sun each year and its supply of water comes down the mountains fresh enough to drink. The Carmichael’s fell in love with the village and eventually acquired a few olive groves along with their properties. They quickly learned from the local farmers, the ancient techniques for harvesting and maintaining the trees without the use of any artificial methods or pesticides and this led to the production of a small amount of fresh virgin olive oil each spring.

This has grown slightly, and each year they produce over 2000 bottles of  fresh (organic) virgin olive oil, which has a light grassy peppery flavour.

Having stayed in the village where it is produced and the seeing the olive groves, I am now a dedicated fan!  The oil is available in Partridges in London, but if you would like to obtain the oil straight from the Carmichael’s at a reduced cost, then please visit them via their website below and please mention that I referred you.

The oil, as it is so unique, makes a wonderful alternative gift or present.