An Exhibition Entitled ‘Devotion’ By Guy Reid



I would like to introduce a recent exhibition of works by Guy Reid. The exhibition was at the Coningsby Gallery in Tottenham Street W1 until last week, but the incredible selection of carved lime-wood works are still available for viewing through Guys agent: Jenny Hewitt on 07789051144. . . .

‘Devotion’ is a new exhibition of Guy Reid’s figurative sculptures and relief studies in lime wood. . .

‘The title of the show, Devotion, brings together a number of aspects of my recent work,’ explains Reid. ‘On one level, it is about devotion to the process of making the work. At another level, my partner Andrew is the subject of the majority of the pieces, and so many of the sculptures are about a life shared together. Some of the work also features portraits of friends, and documents another kind of relationship over time.’

The title also alludes to the theme of spiritual devotion focused on saints and religious figures. For example, Reid’s arrangement of the portraits echoes the way devotional images were placed in front of a triptych or series of painted panels.┬áThe juxtaposition of the central sculpture, surrounded by the relief studies, creates a sense of intriguing motion around a still figure.┬áThe show also includes a life size Christus Rex.

The originality of Reid’s work lies partly in the marriage of two elements, traditional sculpting techniques as found in European gothic and early Renaissance art, and working from photographs of his subjects. The result is works that perplex and go beyond more familiar three dimensional realism.

‘The work takes time and concentration to produce,’ continues Reid. ‘My workshop is located in a fairly remote part of southern France, and this gives me the space I need for the effort and attention required. It’s a way of life that could be described as even monastic.’