Adieu Sama

It is with a heavy heart, I say adieu to Samapika Chanda, who has been running Ebury Trading on a Saturday with style, warmth and flair for over a year. . .

Not many of you know but Sama has a great many strings to her bow and apart from being a full time assistant to World renowned Interior Decorator ‘Henrietta Spencer Churchill’, Sama was previously a fully qualified medical Doctor and has lived in and been schooled in some of the most far flung corners of the globe. . .

Clearly her talents and wealth of experience were wasted on us, so we are so happy and wholeheartedly encourage her return to the Medical Profession after a few years.

Sama will be returning to her native India until the early Summer and our great hope is that she will always find the Ebury Trading door open to her.

She has become a great personal friend and I would like to thank her for all of her loyalty and support and give her the same in return in all that she endeavours to do.

Maintaining the calibre of the Ebury Trading team, we welcome Sasha Alexander, a native of St Petersburg to the fold.