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Welcome to the Ebury Trading Blog.

We hope that you will find this a useful extension to our website. Our hope is that we can keep this updated on a daily basis, giving up to the minute information on new stock, an in depth look at certain pieces, the various services that we offer and also provide an insight into friends and things of interest.

Goodbye Store . . .

Our two stores just off the Pimlico Rd, after twelve and a half years have now closed due to redevelopment. Just as our Fulham showroom came and went, we are adapting and changing to what our clients want and expect from us in an ever changing industry.

Our look has changed and developed over the twelve and a half years since we opened, but we hope that it has become an expression of our own personal taste and reflects our understanding of unusual and beautiful things for the home. We are determined, however unfashionable it may currently be, to stock with only things of age and originality from all periods and styles, and boldly prove that interiors can have colourful personalities.

‘It is better to fail in originality, than to succeed in imitation’
Herman Melville

Our passion is all about buying, seeing potential in objects, of bringing them to new life, restoring or re-inventing their original purpose and presenting them in our own unique way.

Hello Studios . . .

Embracing the change, we now have studios, which house in one place our ever expanding eclectic inventory and display our large selection of antique chandeliers and lighting. This also incorporates a photographic space. There is a car park, and we offer refreshments. This is by appointment only – but we want to make the visit hassle free – so at any time that suites you. The studios really are an extension of our homes, and we hope that what we convey is a sense of welcome.

So, for now, thanks for visiting this site . . . .

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