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New In – An Abstract Tree Scene Painting

An oil on canvas by Maurice Johnson of an abstract tree scene, beautifully framed. . . c.1952. . . Measures: 75cm wide x 66cm high

New In – A French Impressionist Of The MontMartre

A French unfinished oil on canvas of an artist painting in the Montmartre looking towards the Sacre Coeur. . . c.1950’s . . . Measures: 74cm high x 62cm wide (Framed)

New In – A French Portrait Of A Moroccan Boy

A French oil on canvas portrait of a Moroccan boy. . . c.1940’s. . . Measures: 50cm high x 40cm wide (Framed)

New In – A Portrait Of A Seated Boy

A French impressionist oil on canvas of a seated boy. . . c.1950’s. . . Measures: 59cm high x 66cm wide (Framed)

New In – A French #Impressionist Of A Man

A French Impressionist oil on canvas of a man’s head. . . c.1950’s. . . Measures: 58cm high x 47cm wide (Framed)

New In – An Edward #Seago Watercolour

A watercolour by Edward Seago RWS, RBA (1910-1974). . . Signed lower left and in its original painted frame. . . Measures: 37cm wide x 27cm high unframed & 56cm wide x 47cm high framed.

New In – An Oil #Painting Of The Grand Canal, #Venice By Thomas Creswick RA

A framed oil on board by Thomas Creswick RA depicting the grand canal, Venice. Signed. c.1867 Measures: 33cm high x 29 wide   Stock Code MP0551 Thomas Creswick was born on 5th February 1811 an died on 28 December 1869 he was an English Landscape painter and illustrator, born in Sheffield , son of Thomas Creswick […]

New In – Selected Roy Trollope Drawings

Throughout his long career as an artist and senior lecturer at St. Martins School of Art and then Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, Roy Trollope (1933-2008) challenged the assumptions of fine art practice.  He drew on a vivid intellectual and creative imagination to explore and experiment with technique and subject matter in […]

New In – A #Russian #Portrait Of A #Young #Man

A Russian portrait of a young man by Dubich. Framed oil on canvas and signed and dated in Cyrillic. . . c.1951. . . Measures: 25cm high x 19cm wide

New In – An #Edward #Seago Watercolour

A watercolour by Edward Seago RWS, RBA (1910-1974). . . Signed lower left and in its original painted frame. . . Provenance available. . .   Measures: 37cm wide x 27cm high unframed & 56cm wide x 47cm high framed. . .

Self Portrait By Thomas Gregor McGehee

An oil on Italian paper entitled ‘Self Portrait’ by Thomas Gregor McGehee. . . c.2013. . . Measures: 50cm x 40cm  

New In – An English 17th Century Hatchment

An English 17th Century oil on board hatchment depicting a heraldic achievement. Later frame. . . c.1680 Measures: 55cm high x 55cm wide

Le Petit Echo De La Mode No.6 By Hormazd Narielwalla

Le Petit Echo de la Mode No.6 by Hormazd Narielwalla, paper collage on original 1950 French sewing pattern (framed). . . c.2013. . . Measures:84cm high x 64cm wide   Hormazd Narielwalla Narielwalla makes collages from antique tailoring patterns. His latest work mines a seam of precious found material hidden between the pages of Le Petit Echo […]

New In – A New Selection Of Paintings By Thomas Gregor McGehee

We are delighted to offer a glimpse of some the latest works by Thomas Gregor McGehee, who’s paintings we absolutely love and believe in. This latest body of work encompases many different subjects but the artists love of trees and parks during different periods of the day feature heavily, as do various female studies. If […]

New In – A Selection Of Seven New Paintings By Thomas Gregor McGehee

We have just uploaded to the paintings section of our website, seven new works by Thomas Gregor McGehee. These works range from 2005 – 2013. They are all in oil, some on canvas, others on paper and some on board. As ever, his works are vibrant and diverse.

New In – A Life Size Oil On Canvas Of Cardinal Richelieu After Philippe De Champaigne

A finely executed life size oil on canvas of Cardinal Richelieu By Philippe De Champaigne 1633-40 (In The National Portrait Gallery). In a water gilded frame. . .   c.2000. . .   Measures: 232cm high x 172cm wide  

New In – An Oil On Board Entitled ‘Self Portrait I’ By Thomas Gregor McGehee

An oil on board entitled ‘Self Portrait I’ by Thomas Gregor McGehee. . .   Measures: 42cm high x 37cm wide  

New In – A Large Flemish Oil Painting Of Trees In The Wind c.1940’s

A large Flemish oil on canvas depicting trees blowing in the wind. Signed and framed. . .   c.1940’s. . .   Measures: 137cm wide x 90cm high  

New In – An 18th Century Portrait Of An English Lady By A Follower Of Joseph Highmore

A large oil on canvas portrait of an English Lady by a follower of Joseph Highmore, possibly Jonathan Richardson Junior. The portrait has been restored and relined and is in its original frame. . .   c.1730. . .   Measures: 89cm high x 75cm wide  

New In – A Large Untitled Work By Thomas Coates PPPS, PPRBA, PPNEAC, RWS, RP, ROI

A large work on paper in pastel and chalk by Thomas J Coates (b.1941). It depicts two Spanish woman. Framed. Measures: 113cm high x 113cm wide   Thomas J Coates (b.1941) Born in 1941, Tom Coates studied at the Bournville College of Art, the Birmingham College of Art and then went to the Royal Academy […]