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New In – A Large French Carved Limestone Corbel Depicting A Grotesque c.1700’s

A large French limestone corbel depicting a grotesque, from a large Church or Cathedral. With an associated plinth. . . c.1700’s. . . Measure: 50cm high x 35cm wide  

New In – A Set Of Five African Ceremonial Masks

A Set Of Five African Ceremonial Masks, Brightly Painted. . . Early 20th Century. . . Measures: 32 (largest)  

New In – A Pair Of Venetian Style Blackamoor Torch Bearers Now As Lamps

A pair of Venetian style blackamoor figures supporting torcheres and converted into lamps. In gilded and patinated metal. . . Measure: 65cm tall  

New In – A Pair Of 18th Century Walnut Armchairs Previously Belonging To The Eighth Earl Spencer (Princess Diana’s Father)

A pair of English walnut open armchairs, upholstered in a dark green/grey suede. With historic worm damage and repairs. . . c.1770. . . Measure: 90cm high (backs) x 40cm high (seats) x 64cm wide x 52cm deep. . . Provenance: The 8th Earl Spencer (Princess Diana’s Father) Laterly Clopton Hall, Suffolk  

New In – An English Chrome & Leather Clock With Detachable Fly c.1950’s

An English electric clock in chrome, with a red leather clock face and depicting a large detachable fly. . . c.1950’s. . . Measures: 64cm tall  

New In – A Pair Of Paintings Depecting Roman Emperors c.1840’s

A pair of English oils on canvas depicting Roman Emperor busts. . . Newly Framed. . . c.1840’s. . . Measure: 60cm high x 48cm wide  

New In – A Swedish Blue & White Plexiglass Hanging Light c.1960’s

  A Swedish blue and white plexiglass hanging light with a chrome border. . . c.1960’s. . . Measures: 47cm high (can be extended) x 52cm diameter  

New In – A Set Of Nine Original Fornasetti Glass Table Mats c.1950’s

A set of nine reverse painted glass table mats by Fornasetti. With gold leaf and depicting the Calendar with Classical figures. Comprising four large blue, three large red and two smaller red mats. . . c.1950’s. . . Measure: 43cm wide x 29cm high (large) x 36cm wide x 20cm high (small)  

New In – A Russian Head Of A Girl In Unglazed Bisque Porcelain c.1950’s

A Russian head of a girl in bisque porcelain, unglazed. . . c.1950’s. . . Measures: 23cm tall  

New In – A Pair Of Spanish Articulated Lamps By FASE c.1950’s

  A Pair of Spanish adjustable articulated arm black enamel painted desk lights by FASE. The shade being able to rotate in a sideways direction on the articulated arm. . . c.1950’s. . . Measure: 31cm Diameter Shade x 21cm Diameter Base x 53cm Height of upright Rewired, original toggle switches retained.  

New In – A Pair Of Italian Armchairs By Carlo De Carli c.1950’s

A pair of armchairs by the Milanese architect Carlo de Carli. Upholstered in their original emerald crushed velvet, on brass and wooden legs with brass button backs. . . c.1950’s. . . Measures: 82cm high (back) x 42cm high (seat) x 74cm wide x 74cm deep  

New In – A Pair Of German Wall Lights By Hillebrand c.1970

A pair of German wall lights in brushed metal and octagonal dome shaped smokey glass shades. . . c.1970. . . Measures: 22cm high x 12cm wide  

New In – A Greek Relief Carved Icon c.1892

A Greek relief carved and coloured icon depicting an Eastern Saint. With inscriptions to front and rear. . . c.1892. . . Measures: 20cm high x 14cm wide  

New In – A Pair Of Carved Limestone Urn Finials

A pair of English carved limestone urn shaped finials (could make good lamps). . . c.1900. . . Measure: 31cm high x 28cm diameter  

New In – A Large Dry Point Etching Entitled ‘Patient Pig’ By Guy Allen

A Large Signed Limited Edition Dry Point Etching By Guy Allen Entitled ‘Patient Pig’. Mounted & Framed. . . c.2006. . . Measures: 86cm high x 84cm wide  

New In – A Pair Of American Lamps By Laurel & Co c.1960’s

A pair of American lamps by the Laurel Lighting Company. Comprising spheres in lacquered brass. . . c.1960’s. . . Measure: 63cm tall  

New In – A Large Pair Of 1940’s Venini Wall Lights

A large pair of Italian wall lights by Venini. Of impressive scale, the hand blown acanthus leaves are fashioned out of rhubarb and gold tinted glass. . . c.1940’s. . . Measure: 99cm high x 43cm wide x 30cm deep  

New In – A French Silver Chandelier c.1940’s

A French six light silver chandelier in the neo classical style. Of good weight. . . c.1940’s. . . Measures: 70cm high x 70cm wide  

New In – A Pair Of Danish Rosewood Tall Boy Chests c.1960’s

A pair of Danish tall boy chests in rosewood. Each with six elm lined drawers with the top drawers having locks. . . c.1960’s. . . Measures: 121cm high x 85cm wide x 42cm deep  

New In – A Pair Of Laurel & Co Roman Emperor Lamps c.1960’s

  A pair of American table lamps by Laurel & Co depicting twenty four medallion reliefs of various Roman Emperor’s. In brass and patinated metal. . . c.1960’s Measure: 54cm tall