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New In – Blue Cactus By Riccardo Licata 1997

New In today is a glass sculpture by the famous Italian artist Riccardo Licata. It is one of his later works and is dated 1997.

Born in 1929, his works are now to be found in the museums of modern art of Venice, Milan, Mulhouse, Alessandria, Rome, Turin, Warsaw, Sao Paulo, Vienna, New York, Stockholm, Florence, Stuttgart, and elsewhere.

As I am in love with this piece and I treasure it at home, it is unlikely that I will part with it, however I am open to offers!


It can be found here:

New In – A Large 19th C Swedish Console

New In today is this large and impressive Swedish console table, supported on two scrolled legs with water gilded swags and a faux marble plinth. The back of the console contains an old mirror plate and the top is made of shaped white marble. It dates to the early 19th Century but has had much later restoration.

It is 120cm wide by a metre tall.

It can be found here:

Friend Of The Month, October – Quindry

This month I would like to introduce my friend Gwenola Pilard, who is better known by the name of her company ‘Quindry’

Quindry specialises in 20th century furniture & decorative arts sourced mostly in France but also in Italy and in England, offering a mix of stylish, unusual and good quality pieces. Their selection . . .
. . . spans a few crucial decades, from the hedonistic 1930s to the funky 1970s. The creative force behind Quindry, Gwen Pilard, is a charming Frenchwoman, living here in London who initially qualified as a translator and worked in Banking for 10 years before deciding to go back to her lifelong love of antiques and design in spring 2007. In addition to the selection carried on her website, Gwen also offers styling advice to help private individuals rethink their interiors and sourcing services to decorators, finding specific pieces for their projects.
Quindry’s selection is available via their website and can also be seen at various fairs in London throughout the year. Please check . . .
. . . for event schedule and details)
Gwen’s contact details can be found on her website

New In – A Large Early 19th C Swedish Trumeau Mirror

New in this week, is this large, early 19th Century trumeau mirror, Swedish in origin, it is painted in lemon & grey, which has distressed with age. The trumeau ‘panel’ above is of simple design and the actual mirror plate is made out of mercury glass & again has aged beautifully.

Would Look great above a fireplace or especially over a console or commode. Please also check out or Swedish console, new in this week, they work well together.

It can be found here:


We understand that all of us, the so called ‘recessionistas’, have to tighten our belts and pull in our horns. However it’s not all doom & gloom! In light of the current financial climate and concerns, we have decided to re-price all of our stock to see where we can cut right back where necessary in order to make things more tempting and value for money and get things moving. This in turn will help us, so that we can keep things in rotation and continue with our passion for buying . . . . so, every one’s happy !

Besides, there is nothing like a bit of retail therapy in gloomy times . . . . . Also, with us you have the guarantee that we will always resell anything you purchase from us and guarantee your money back in FULL ! – safer than the banks!

We have also made sure that all items of stock in the store have visible, clearly marked labels, after a couple of comments.

We look forward very much to welcoming you.


The Affordable Art Fair – Battersea Park

It is time again, for the autumn affordable art fair to held as usual in the Battersea Park exhibitor centre. It takes place this time between Thursday 23rd and Sunday 26th October. There are over a hundred galleries exhibiting and each gallery must have works by at least three living artists. All works are priced below £3000.

There is also the recent graduates exhibition, which showcases work from students all over Great Britain.

The StartSpace gallery in Columbia Rd, E2 is exhibiting this year with a selection of works from one of our friends, the sculptor, Guy Reid. Being shown are a series of life size relief works in carved lime-wood.

Don’t forget to call in to Ebury Trading en route !

You can find the AAF website for more details, here:

And visit Guy’s Work at the StartSpace Gallery, here:

Item Of The Month In Depth, October – Merrow & Associates Table

This month, I would like to shine a spotlight on a Merrow & Associates table that we have in stock. It is unusual in that it is on a hydraulic riser in order to adjust the height and is an irregular shape. It has a chrome base and the table itself is rosewood veneered. It dates to around 1968.

Merrow Associates was a British engineering company that branched into designing and making sideboards and cabinets in the 1960s. The quality of their work is technically unsurpassed, and so these are very much in demand. The company was started by Richard Young, who is a former Royal College of Art student who later studied at the Royal Art Academy Copenhagen under Professor Old Wansche. Richard Young is obsessed by quality and the kind of meticulous detailing typical of Scandinavian furniture of the 1950s. He uses beautifully finished glossy surfaces – a juxtaposition of rosewood, steel and glass – as substitutes for patina and marquetry. He trained as a cabinet maker, another reason why materials feature high in his design priorities. Distribution was restricted to specialist retailers. Heal`s and Harrods. Although the firms idiom is essentially traditional modern classic (they prefer to call it), Merrow Associates has proved that British workmanship, properly directed, matches Scandinavian.

For an example of some of their work and the prices they realise, you can visit them here:

You can view our table here