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New In – An #English Copper Tapering #Lantern

An English tapering copper lantern with good patination and covered glazed panels. . . c.1900. . . Measures: 70cm high x 42cm wide

New In – A Pair Of #English #Silver #Lanterns

A pair of #English #silver #plated #Georgian #style #hexagonal #lanterns, each glazed panel in beveled glass, with a door. c.1960’s Measure: 55cm high x 26cm diameter Stock Code ET02681

New In – A Set Of Three #French Silver #Lanterns

A set of three French silver plated tapering hanging lanterns. . . c.1940’s. . . Measure: 68cm high x 20cm wide x 20cm deep

New In – A Pair Of #English #Lanterns

A pair of  #English #heaxagonal tapering hanging #lantern in painted tole and brass with glazed panels newly electrified Measures: 73cm high x 44cm wide Stock Code MPT39

New In – A Pair Of Large St #Pancrass Hotel #Lanterns

A pair of large brass lanterns designed for the St Pancras Hotel, Formerly Sir Gilbert Scott’s Midland Grand. This pair of lanterns were the only two not used in the project and are unique examples of a Gothic / Moorish design with provenance. . . . Measure: 130cm high x 54cm wide x 54cm deep

New In – An #Italian #Forties #Lantern

An Italian drum lantern in gilt bronze and glass, with barley twist columns and drip sconces. . . c.1940’s. . . Measure: 88cm high x 33cm diameter

New In – A Pair Of French Nickel Plated Tapering Lanterns

A pair of French tapering nickel plated glazed lanterns. . . c.1940’s. . . Measure: 48cm high x 24cm diameter

New In – An English Regency Style Bronzed & Gilded Hanging Lantern

An English Regency style bronzed and gilded hexagonal hanging lantern with acanthus decoration. . .   c.1960’s. . .   Measures: 68cm high x 34cm diameter  

New In – A Large Silvered Moroccan Hanging Lantern

A large Moroccan silvered hanging lantern of florid design with amber and blue coloured glass. . .   c.1900. . .   Measures: 98cm high x 56cm diameter  

New In – A Pair Of English Tole & Brass Tapering Lanterns

A pair of  English hexagonal tapering hanging lantern in painted tole and brass with glazed panels. . .   newly electrified. . .   Measures: 73cm high x 44cm wide  

New In – A 19th Century Florentine Hanging Lantern

An Italian Florentine painted tole hanging lantern, decorated with cherubs. . .   c.1880. . .   Measures: 90cm high x 48cm diameter       Stock Code ET01862  

New In – An English 19th Century Cut Glass Egg Lantern

An English egg shaped lantern in gilt brass with a finely cut glass shade. . .   c.1880. . .   Measures: 56cm high x 18cm diamter  

New In – A Set Of Four Norwegian Painted Tole Wall Lanterns

A set of four Norwegian wall lanterns in distressed painted tole. . .   c.1970’s. . .   Measure:  

New In – An Unusual French Hanging Lantern In Silver & Opaque Glass

An unusual French hanging lantern in silver plated bronze and opaque glass. . .   c.1920’s. . .   Measures: 98cm high (without chain) x 27cm diameter  

New In – A Large 20’s Moroccan Lantern

A large Moroccan lantern of traditional form with patterned stained glass panels. . .   c.1920’s. . .   Measures: 105cm high x 40cm diameter  

New In – A Set Of Four Venetian Wall Lanterns In Painted Tole c.1880

A set of four Venetian wall lanterns in dark green tole. Formerly processional lanterns, they have had later brackets made. Not electrified. . .   c.1880. . .   Measure: 60cm high x 22cm wide x 30cm deep  

New In – A Set Of Four English Gothic Hanging Lanterns c.1860’s

A set of four English Gothic hanging lanterns of tapering form. Each glazed with panels and a door. Later painted and still for candle use but can be electrified. . .   c.1860’s. . .   Measure: 90cm high x 22cm diameter  

New In – A French Silvered Bronze Hanging Lantern c.1900

A French silver plated bronze egg shaped hanging lantern with frosted and etched glass. . .   c.1900. . .   Measures: 70cm high x 35cm diameter  

New In – A French Polished Steel Lantern c.1930’s

A French lantern in polished steel. Triangular in form with provision for three lights above. . .   c.1930’s. . .   Measures: 54cm high x 25cm wide  

New In – An Interesting 19th Century Moroccan Lantern

A Moroccan lantern of interesting design in painted tin with re-used stained glass panels in various colours, some hand etched. Has two hinged doors. . .   c.1890’s. . .   Measures: 79cm high x 31cm diameter